A video describing the MRI screening process at Whole Body MRI

‘*this video is for the whole body MRI scan, the procedure for other screening scans may slightly vary’

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Enhanced Screening Studies

Comprehensive full-body screening offered at Whole Body MRI

Whole Body MRI Screening

This scan will evaluate your body for cancers, diseases and other conditions. The study is performed on a state-of-the-art MRI scanner utilizing artificial intelligence technology. The scan will take 45-60 minutes to complete and no contrast administration is required.

Prostate Cancer Screening Facility

Prostate MRI Screening

Screening test for prostate cancer.
Performed without contrast on a 3T MRI.

MRI Screening for Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Breast Screening MRI

Especially useful for women with dense breasts on mammogram.
Performed bilaterally with the use of intravenous contrast only on low risk patients.

Click here to determine if you qualify.

Screening Breast Implant through MRI

Breast Implant MRI

Evaluates for silicone breast implant rupture.
Performed bilaterally without the need for contrast.

Coronary CTA and Calcium Scoring

Coronary (Cardiac) CTA and Calcium Scoring

Evaluates plaque buildup in your major heart vessels.
Performed on a CT scanner with the use of iodinated contrast agent.

Cardiac Calcium Scoring evaluating risk of coronary artery disease

Cardiac Calcium Scoring

Evaluates risk of coronary artery disease.
Performed on a CT scanner with no contrast required.

Liver Fat Quantification MRI

Liver Fat Quantification MRI

Quantifies the amount of fat deposited in the liver.
Can be included during Whole Body MRI Scan.

Utilizing Siemens Magnetom MRI Scanners for High-end MRI Scans

Our Technology

You will be scanned on one of our state-of-art Siemens Magnetom MRI Scanners utilizing patented Deep Resolve Technology for image optimization. The scanners are large bore which provides comfort during the examination.

This facility performs Breast MRI Screening on low-risk women only without symptomatology or a history of breast cancer

If any of the below applies you are considered a high-risk screener and do not qualify for Breast MRI Screening at this facility:

  • Women who are BRCA 1 and 2 gene mutation carriers
  • Women who received chest irradiation for treatment of another malignancy such as lymphoma between the ages of 10–30 years of age
  • Women with PTEN Li-Fraumeni syndrome, Cowden syndrome, or Bannayan-Riley-Ruvalcaba syndrome, or one of these syndromes in first-degree relatives.

* If you are a high-risk screener and would like to be considered for a Breast MRI Screening examination please have a discussion with your primary care physician about a referral to a hospital based breast assessment centre

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