Is it safe to move while using the machine?

During the scan, we will do our best to ensure your comfort and minimize the need for movement. However, if you do happen to move, it won’t compromise your safety. It may, however, impact the quality of the images we obtain. To achieve accurate results, we capture images of the same tissue in your body … Read more

Is it possible to schedule an appointment on behalf of someone else?

Certainly, it is possible to schedule an appointment on behalf of someone else. However, we would require the individual’s details and contact information in order to proceed. Our team will then reach out to the person to obtain their patient history and verify that their eligibility for the scan.

Can I do an MRI if I am pregnant (or think I might be pregnant)?

While there haven’t been any negative impacts recorded from undergoing an MRI while pregnant, it’s essential to note that there is a chance of hearing issues in the fetus and a potential increase in the amniotic fluid temperature. As a result, we generally refrain from performing an MRI during pregnancy unless your referring physician determines … Read more

Is it safe to undergo a scan if I have a pacemaker?

Unfortunately, it’s not advisable to undergo a scan if you have a pacemaker. This is because there’s a possibility that the MRI magnetic fields might interfere with its functioning, and we wouldn’t want to take any risks.

Is it safe to have an MRI if I have a cochlear implant?

To determine the safety of undergoing an MRI scan with a cochlear implant, we would need to know more about the type of implant you have. Even if it is determined to be safe, it’s important to keep in mind that the quality of imaging of the head may be affected by the implant.

Can I have an MRI if I have an IUD?

The majority of IUDs are compatible with MRI scans. However, we always confirm the MRI safety of all devices. Examples of commonly MRI-safe IUDs include the Mirena and the Copper T.

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