Is it safe to have an MRI if I have tattoos?

Indeed, individuals with tattoos can undergo scanning. There’s a minor possibility of slight warmth around the tattoo, although this is extremely uncommon. To ensure a smooth process, please let the staff know before entering the MRI room so that they’re informed.

Do I need a referral to do an MRI scan?

Yes, a referral is necessary to proceed with a Whole Body MRI. If needed, we can help you obtain a referral from an independent medical practitioner without any charge. While it might appear like an extra step, this requirement is in place to ensure your well-being in case any significant medical discovery is made. A … Read more

Are dental implants affected by MRIs?

No, undergoing an MRI with dental implants is considered safe. However, if you have dentures on a metallic plate, we might ask you to remove them for optimal image quality.

Which machine do you use for taking an MRI scan?

We use both 1.5T and 3T machines to optimize the benifits of both the machines. While 1.5T machines are used for comprehensive Whole Body MRI, 3T are used for detailed scans of specific body parts, i.e. knee joints & brain.

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