Men's Health check-up

Men’s Check-up: When and Why to Get One? 

June, 2024 - Last update: July, 2024

Did you know that June is Canadian Men’s Health Month? But men should pay attention to their health all year long. Not having a health check-up every year can lead to diseases. After all, how would you care for something you don’t know you have? That’s why not only individuals already aware of a health problem need to undergo check-ups, but everyone.

study conducted by the Cleveland Clinic found that nearly 60 percent of men don’t make regular visits to the doctor, seeking medical attention only when they are seriously ill. So, Canadian Men’s Health Month must underscore the importance of men caring for themselves. When considering health, they prioritize a better quality of life and ensure more time to spend with loved ones, pursue passions, enjoy hobbies, and achieve personal goals.

In contrast to women, a more significant number of men persist in evading medical check-ups, neglecting advised screenings, and engaging in riskier behaviors. Regrettably, they also experience a lifespan of about five years shorter and endure more years of poor health.

Men's Health check-up
Men’s Health check-up

When do you need to do health check-ups?

While opinions may vary, experts generally advise scheduling routine check-ups with your doctor according to the following guidelines:

  • Every three years if you’re below 50 and in good health.
  • Annually, once you reach the age of 50.

Regardless of age, the recommendation is that individuals with chronic conditions like diabetes or COPD visit the doctor more frequently. Your doctor may adjust the frequency of your check-ups based on factors such as your risk profile and current health status.

However, it is possible to do a preventive check-up to proactively monitor for any potential health issues, for example, booking a  Whole Body MRI to detect any early signs of diseases such as cancer or cardiovascular conditions.

What is good to have in a Men’s Check-up?

For good men’s check-ups, consult your doctor to understand your goals and determine your ideal treatment plan. We offer a special  package for men that includes the following procedures: Whole Body MRI, Prostate MRI Screening, and Coronary (Cardiac) CTA.

Whole Body MRI is a comprehensive diagnostic tool that assesses the body for various conditions, including cancers and abnormalities, from head to knee examinations. The study takes 45-60 minutes and requires no contrast administration. Prostate MRI screening is performed without contrast on a 3T MRI scanner, improving sensitivity and accuracy. The coronary CTA and Calcium Scoring study assesses if plaque buildup has narrowed coronary arteries, suggesting potential lifestyle changes or additional treatment.

The exams should be requested by a responsible doctor and conducted in a trusted clinic that provides quality care. When talking about health, think about people who will take care of you in the best way possible. Canadian Men’s Health Month emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy body for a better quality of life, recognizing that the body is a temple. Whether it’s for you, your child, or your husband, remember that the body needs maintenance to function at its best.

Did you enjoy learning a little more about the medical check-ups? So, how about sharing our content with a man you care about?

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